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I have been working with horses for many years and along my journey i have encounted many different horses from all paths as well as learnt amazing techniques from amazing people. Always learning something new everyday from the variety of horses that i have been luckily enough to cross paths with and their humans.Humans often forget that animals have feelings and thoughts. They are oftern over looked as just behavioural issues but more oftern then not, we dont stop to question why is my animal behaving like this and what am i doing to cause this behaviour. Or what passed traumas has this animal experienced that could potentially be causing this build up of anxiety, anger or just misunderstanding. When we ourselves are carrying this negative cloud we can feel it through our muscles,body and mind as everything becomes tense so why is it any different for animals, who have been over worked or worked incorrectly or just plain out stressed and riddled with passed traumas, anxieties and just frustration for being pushed to hard or just not listerned to at all. I am here to be their voice and help them clear all that and find a neutral balanced way forward. Helping both owner and horse become one. My journey started 15 years ago when i myself was experamenting with natural remedies and crystals. When i noticed my old rescue horse at the time kept trying to eat one of my crytstal bracelets and funny enough she needed it just as much as i did and the results in my horse with just a few days after treatment where amazing. Not only did the crystal treatment help her but my natural formulas that she herself chose had made the world of difference. Where a vet was even puzzled in her improvements, where the medication that she used to be on had barely any results yet the natural treatment along with the crystals where making a difference in her life.How is this so? Well when you look at a horse in a well diversed paddock you will see they will only forage out what they need. As their stomachs and digestive systems know how to process plant materials better and faster. Youll see that when using natural remedies their bodies respond better to it as its not a foreign substance. Its natural and they would automatically try and forage it out for themselves if it where to be available to them in their paddocks. Animals know what they need to help them heal or feel better and when we listern and know how to tap into that.Horses are also extremely intune with energies and can be sensitive to energies and enviroments. They could also be holding on to so many passed energies and crystals help ease and balance those energies. Offering a different form of treatement that is oftern over looked and not really known about in modern society.The help it offers an animal is extremely beneficial and rewarding.And due to seeing positive changes and outcomes with the work i do it has been my mission in life ever since. To be able to help an animal inside out. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

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