10 Facts you should know about your horses hoof

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Here's some interesting facts about the most important part of a horse, their hooves!

1.The weight on the foot increases Drastically when a horse is galloping.

2.The hoof is flexible enough to absorb 70-80% of the impact during weight bearing.

3.The foot has a landing side and a loading side – the landing side flares out while the loading side becomes more perpendicular in response to weight bearing.

4.The outside walls of the hind feet are more slanted than the inside walls this allows proper momentum.

5.The centre of gravity of the foot is 1cm back from the point of the frog.

6.Hoof quality is directly related to its moisture content which varies for different parts. The hoof wall is approximately 25% water, the sole 33% and the frog 50%. Extremely dry walls or extremely wet walls are weaker and more likely to split or have problems due to bearing forces.

6.Water is natural hoof conditioner. It is the only remedy that has been shown to consistently have a positive effect on maintaining hoof moisture balance. As water is constantly being lost from the hoof it is important to replace it on a daily basis. How do we do this, well a good soaking never fails. 10-15 minutes will do great justice.

7.Oil and fat based hoof dressings cannot moisturise the hoof wall, They basically make it look pretty. so no benefit besides for that!

8The width of the frog should be 2/3rds of its length – any less and the foot is considered to be smaller then usual.

9.The bars should protrude slightly above the level of the sole but not to long. A good way to judge is to have it 1cm shorter than the wall to allow for good hoof growth during weight bearing.

10.The hoof wall grows on average 1cm a month therefore the wear on the hoof should match the growth

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