Is your horses hooves telling you something???

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Many people forget to look at the hooves and legs of a horse/pony. Here you will find many signs that the horses body is trying to tell you something. You can pick up signs of infections, if your horse is lame, Off balance. What new injuries could be brewing and how your four legged friend is coping with the ground they walk on.

Its all a matter of practice and how to train your eye to read your horses hooves. White hooves are generally more easy to read so that would be a good place to start. Below are some pictures of different hooves all telling a different story, Try and guess what the problems are and leave your answers in the comments. Next post will be a detailed description of each hoof. Lets see how good your reading is of a hoof and if you are new to this journey subscribe now and find out how to be a pro on reading a horses hoof!

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