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Training & Rehabilitaion

Healing starts when you choose to listern to your horse and sometimes we just arent that good at listerning. Here at Golden touch we listern and youll be suprised at just how much a horse can actually tell you. Once building a rapport with them, we then begin the journey starting from within, to the ground and up. I work with the horse to heal passed trauma and built up negative energies that the horse is now associating with being around people,riding or just being handled.  Sometimes its not the horse and its just its rider or enviroment and thats why we like to work with both horse and rider in their enviroment. Depending on the situation and curcumstances. This is done at your property as we like to see the horses in their home enviroment to give an aspect into all parts of the horses daily life. In some server cases where a horse is in need of extra TLC and daily attention we do offer agistment options.

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